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"Strong Enough to Bend: Deep Insights into Love, Class, Poverty, and Disability"
Carol Anne Douglas

"Over and over, Witherow adjusts the lens of the reader to bring the reality of poverty into focus."
Carolyn Gage

"Hers is an American testimonio, joining the plain spoken word to the written, a powerful authenticity from the voices too often left out, marginalized, in the book world."
Guadalupe Castillo






Strong Enough to Bend

by Judith K. Witherow

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In Strong Enough to Bend, author Judith K. Witherow compiles a sampling from four decades of her essays and poems that describe the real life experiences of a disabled, mixed blood Native American Indian lesbian raised in Appalachian poverty. Much of the work has been previously published in anthologies, university women's studies texts and feminist periodicals. This unique memoir is the first collection exclusively authored by Witherow.


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